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So ill

Haven’t slept, I  can’t eat. This is making me doubt my existence. It must be me. My fault. I  must deserve to be laughed at and played with. It wouldn’t happen twice if it wasn’t my fault. A weekend from hell that has made me ill …..

Perhaps one day

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


I have her beauty hard-wired into me

I have known it forever.

My first school boy fantasies were of her. She has never changed. The same hair, eyes, mouth, chin, nose. The same height, weight, posture and stance. The same shoulders, breasts, hips, arse and thighs.

The same mix of swagger and vulnerability, of shyness and chatter, of independence and submission, of contemplation and fun

Her beauty is burned into my soul.

And I have found her

and owned her.

Once, twice, even three times.



I keep believing. Although my time here is running out.

Perhaps one day ….



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Art by Harding Meyer

This is not new. I posted it two years ago, and a year ago. But indulge me.

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