Monthly Archives: April 2017


What does love mean to you? Search deep ….

What have you always needed? Remember ….

Unconditional love ?                         Oh yes, we all seek  ….

Tell me what you need?                       I will love it always ….  xx


Lost and alone

Sad and afraid 

No one to turn to

Nowhere to run.
I had one friend

But sadly no more

I pushed and pushed

As I  always do.
My downfall 

My failure 

My loss

My hurt ….. ALONE 


You have my heart.

You have my head.  

I ache for you to  have my body.

I know I belong with you.

Its written already. 

It says it in the sky.

Join the stars…..

I  belong to you forever xxxx

My Coat

I have a coat. Not made of leather. Not made of wool. Not even plastic. 

It is an old coat and it is heavy. Gets heavier every day. But somehow it feels safe. 

What kind if coat I hear you ask?

My coat of life which will remain till I die ……