Monthly Archives: April 2017


I am angry. I hate everything but most of all I hate me. Fucked up mess. Racing to hell !!!



What does love mean to you? Search deep ….

What have you always needed? Remember ….

Unconditional love ?                         Oh yes, we all seek  ….

Tell me what you need?                       I will love it always ….  xx


Lost and alone

Sad and afraid 

No one to turn to

Nowhere to run.
I had one friend

But sadly no more

I pushed and pushed

As I  always do.
My downfall 

My failure 

My loss

My hurt ….. ALONE 


You have my heart.

You have my head.  

I ache for you to  have my body.

I know I belong with you.

Its written already. 

It says it in the sky.

Join the stars…..

I  belong to you forever xxxx