I know mine


Wish you 

Would make me more

But I  know 

I belong here 

My place 

Under important people x



I miss you.

You were my only friend.

But you left.

I’m never good enough.

Come back my friend.

I sooo miss you xx

Hurting … Argh

This past week has felt like Im dying. 

Pains, aches, turmoil, anxiety and again pain. 

That large black cloud is fast approaching. 

I feel too ill to run. 

Muted unable to explain.

Just pain. Physical and emotional

Drained.  Can I  please switch off ??

I am done.


I have always felt alone.  My dad left. My mum struggled with 3 of us. Her partners, family, death. I  had to grow up quickly. But I  always felt alone. Close friends on a weekend doing things with their parents but not me. Left alone as my Mum worked.  Lost and alone…..